Events Details
Concert Date : 23 November 2018 (Friday)
Concert Time : 8.00pm
Concert Venue : Panggung Anniversari
Jalan Cenderawasih, Tasik Perdana,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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Grab Destination : Anniversary Theatre

Note: As there is limited parking at the venue, it is advisable to use Grab services.
Parking Lot : [P] Parking Bertingkat Taman Botani KL

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Concert Programme :
2.00pm - 7.30pm : Ticket Redemption for Allianz Malaysia Customers
4.30pm - 7.30pm :
  • Ticket check-in
  • Activities & Games
8.00pm : Be seated & get ready for the show
8.45pm : SHOWTIME - Let’s Rock The Night
11.00pm : Show End & Good Bye

  • There will be food trucks (at your own cost) available from 5pm onwards.
  • Do hashtag #AllianzMalaysia #AllianzRocks2018 on the caption of your social media posts to share the Rockin’ moments with us.
  • Please proceed to the main entrance as shown below. The other entrances will be closed for the day.

Directory :

Concert Venue Floor Plan :

Terms & Conditions of the concert:
  1. Allianz Rocks ticket is a complimentary ticket, not to be sold. The ticket is non-exchangeable, non-transferable or redeemable for cash.
  2. The Ticket Holder(s) and the guest must be both aged 18 years and above.
  3. Neither Allianz nor the Venue will be responsible for any loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings during the Concert.
  4. The management of the Venue also reserves the right to request the Ticket holder(s) to leave the Venue at any point on reasonable grounds and may take any appropriate action to enforce this right.
  5. The Ticket Holder(s) consent to being photographed and filmed during the Concert and Allianz reserves the right to use the same for marketing and promotion purposes;
  6. The Ticket Holder(s) consent to the use of your photograph(s)/ videograph(s) to be taken for the marketing and promotion purposes, whether it is photographed and filmed by the concert photographer during the Concert or photograph(s)/ videograph(s) that posted by Ticket Holder(s) on social media by hashtaging #AllianzMalaysia #AllianzRocks2018. The Ticket Holder(s) agree that the copyright of the photograph(s)/ video graph(s) featuring them for marketing and promotional purposes belongs absolutely to Allianz. Allianz or any party authorized by Allianz shall have the absolute discretion to deal with the same in any manner it deems appropriate for the purposes of the marketing and promotion purposes. As such, the Ticket Holder(s) expect no payment thereof and accordingly, shall not be making any claims in relation to the same.
  7. Smoking is not permitted unless within a designated smoking Area (if any).
  8. The following are not permitted within the Venue:
    1. bottles, cans or glass containers;
    2. any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects; and
    3. illegal substances.
  9. Allianz reserves the right to conduct security searches during the Concert and confiscate any item which, in the reasonable opinion of Allianz, may cause danger or disruption to other members of the audience or the Concert or is one of the items not permitted in the Venue as listed above.
  10. Allianz reserves the right to cancel or postpone the concert at any time without prior notice. If the concert is cancelled or postponed as Allianz deems fit and no compensations shall be payable.